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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

There comes a time in every Texan’s life when they become gravely concerned that they have done something that causes them to suspect there is an arrest warrant out in their name. Even if you aren’t the sort of person that has had this happen or think it will happen to you, there’s a good chance that you’re the sort of person who will need actually to find out if someone has been arrested.

Whether you’re after arrest records or warrants for Borden County, Texas, we believe that we will be able to help you by directing you to the resources that you need.

You will want to start by contacting the Sheriff of Borden County, Billy Gannaway. The address of his office is at PO Box 115, in Gail, Texas. You can also reach him by telephone at (806)756-4311.

Often, officials will not give away warrant information over the phone and require you to visit the station yourself. If they only tell you this after you give them your name, you should probably be suspicious, and you should definitely contact a defense attorney.

Another resource available to you is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Although they do not provide a list of arrest warrants online for Borden County, they do have a tool that allows users to search through all of the people that are currently in jail anywhere in the state. You can access this tool at

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