Harris County Inmate Search

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Harris County inmate searches are regularly initiated by civilians. Their reasons are numerous but they only have two options for inmate lookup based on the type of information they seek. When one talks about an inmate search, people take it for granted that only prisoners in state penitentiaries are being discussed here.

Although this is the case with a lot of people who are keen on using the inmate finder services offered by state entities, some folks are only looking for details on inmates who are housed in the jails within their area. Every county in Texas has its own correctional system which is operated in conjunction with the state network of prisons.

Who goes to a local facility and who is sent to a state correctional center will depend on the gravity of the crime committed by the offender since this will have a bearing on the sentence. A Harris County jail inmate search will get you information on those suspects who are being held in police detention and have not managed to convince the courts to let them out on bail.

Also, criminals charged with petty misdemeanors, which have earned them a sentence of no more than a few months, will be held in local jails, along with those accused of narcotic usage offenses. So, when you use the inmate locator of the sheriff’s office available at https://apps.jims.hctx.net/sopublic/, you will get information on such offenders.

In contrast, when you are dealing with the Texas Department of Corrections for your Harris County prison inmate search, you are essentially asking to be allowed access to the statewide database of criminals who are serving time in Texas penitentiaries. These offenders have been proven guilty of committing serious crimes, including such transgressions as murder and rape. The inmate finder that can be used to launch an inquiry into the movement of these convicts is available at the websites of the TX DOC at https://offender.tdcj.texas.gov/OffenderSearch/.