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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

For better or worse, there are often far more reasons why you would need to be able to find and find quickly! Particular types of official records and details. One of these kinds of records is those that deal with arrests for persons in Brazos County.

Maybe you are looking to hire a new babysitter for your children, a new elementary school teacher, or maybe you even would like to bring a new youth minister on board. There are few things more important than protecting your children and ensuring that the persons who are watching over them are safe, and it is one of our key goals to help you get your hands on these records with as little effort as possible.

Unfortunately, Brazos County, like many of the counties throughout the state of Texas, does not provide an active registry of all current arrest warrants. This means you will have to contact the sheriff’s office of Brazos County directly to inquire. This office has a website, which can be located at The street address for this office is 1700 Highway 21 West, in Bryan, Texas 77803.

If you are trying to locate arrest records, you would be served the best by visiting the Offender Search Tool Although it details the crimes only of those currently in jail, it can be an advantageous starting point.


Can you call a state office for information on warrants and arrests in Brazos County? (2021 details)

You could pick up the phone and get some answers to questions related to recent arrests. But a warrant search is a whole different ball game. So, take a look at what data is offered when you are not willing to show up at the office which keeps the information you seek.

  • General crime data and for filing complaints and giving crime tips: 979-361-4906
  • Case related information (only for victims and witnesses)- 979-361-4906
  • Information on arrest warrants and bench warrants: 979-361-4920
  • Open records, including some criminal records and police report: 979-361-4903
  • Bookings data: 979-361-4811
  • Arrest records: 979-361-4903
  • Jail visitation rules and information: 979-361-4800
  • District court dockets: 979-361-4230
  • County court records: 979-361-4135


Crime statistics for Brazos County, TX

The total crime rate for Brazos County went from a few over 350 incidents in 2018 to about 30 complaints in 2019. Only about 10% of these crimes were those in which people were targeted. Over 300 of the complaints in both years, were filed against property crimes.

In these two broad crime categories, the incident rates were highest for aggravated assault and rape in the violent crimes category and for larceny-theft and burglary in the property crimes category.


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