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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Despite having a fairly robust website, finding arrest warrant information for Galveston County, Texas, won’t be as easy as entering a few names into a search panel. Specifically, this means that you will need to contact the Galveston County Sheriffs Office yourself to request this kind of information.

You may call the warrant division of the Galveston County Sheriffs Office at 409-766-2311.

Thankfully, finding information that concerns arrest records for Galveston County is an easier and entirely-online process. There are two tools that we advise people use.

For getting a criminal history search for a particular person, you should use the Texas Department of Public Safety search tool, which you can find here:

If you combine the results from the Texas DPS search with the results from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, whose tool is found at, you can put together a surprisingly detailed criminal history of the person that you’re searching for.

Although there are certainly many services on the internet that will sell you access to this information, it can often be easier to go through the official channels.

How do you get details on Galveston warrants and arrests over the phone (2021)?

Don’t expect an in-depth criminal history report in response to your inquiries, unless you are willing to visit the Sheriff’s Office or a Judicial Department in person. Having said that, take a look at what a phone call to various state agencies will accomplish:

  • You can contact the Jail at the Sheriff’s Office to learn about recent arrests. Phone number- (409)766-2300.
  • You can call the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch phone line on (409)766-2322 to file a report and to know the procedure for requesting police reports.
  • If you have general inquiries about arrest records and the warrant search process, get in touch with the Administrative Division of the agency at (409)766-2300.
  • You can call on (866)248-8477 to give a crime tip.
  • You can get in touch with the County Clerk on (409) 766-2424 and the District Clerk on (409) 766-2424 to learn how to launch a case search for misdemeanor and felony cases.

Crime statistics for Galveston County, TX

The annual crime average of 2019 was approximately 5% higher than that of 2018 at almost 865 incidents. Of these, the majority at around 730 were property crimes while the violent crime rate stood much lower at approximately 130 complaints.

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