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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Scouring the internet and attempting to use search engines to find arrest records and warrants for Gaines County, Texas, will show you one thing: many websites claim to be able to provide these records for you. Although many of them can, they will charge you. Although these paid services can be excellent resources, it is also possible to find much of this information for free.

You should be aware that some aspects of a search like this, most notably with information concerning arrest warrants for Gaines County, are available only by contacting the county’s sheriff. Because Gaines County does not have a real website, you will have to call or visit the sheriff in person to make your inquiry.

To get started, you should call the Gaines County Sheriffs Office at 806-546-2612. Alternatively, you can visit them in person at 301 E Avenue A, in Seminole, Texas. Just make it clear to the officer who answers the telephone or is staffing the front desk that you’re looking to see if a specific person has an arrest warrant, and they should be happy to oblige.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to hunt down arrest record information, then there are several different online tools available, meaning your personal contact with officials will be strictly limited. We recommend using the Criminal History Search Tool, provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can find this tool at

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