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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Have you been spending all of your free time trying to hunt down official state records for Austin County, Texas? While there are certain types of records that are very difficult to access without explicit permission or special rights, others are accessible by anyone provided that they know where to look. Records of arrest and warrant information fall into this latter category.

Please note now that full criminal background checks require a full authorization of consent from the person whose background youre looking up.

However, if you are just looking for arrest records, these can easily be found if the person is currently in prison. The best place to look for this kind of information is at the source at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. You can find their main web site at The specific section of the website that will be of interest to you is their Offender Information Search, which you can use to search for persons by name, social security number, or even the crime committed. This tool is located at .

You can also browse a list of sex offenders for Austin County. Simply click on the individuals name to see a picture of them as well as the crime that they committed. This list can be found at

Finally, by visiting, you can browse a list of all of the persons with outstanding arrest warrants for Austin County, Texas.

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