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Before beginning your warrants search for McLennan County, TX, you must understand exactly what an arrest warrant is. Whether active or outstanding, a warrant is a writ issued by the courts of a particular county. This writ must include the name of the person accused of having committed a crime, as well as a list of those laws that they have supposedly broken. The warrant must also include the signature of the judge or magistrate who processed the warrant and notice that the arrest is to be executed within 48 hours of the warrant’s signing.

You will want to start your warrant search for McLennan County, TX, with the local sheriff’s office. Located at 901 Washington Ave., in Waco, TX, you can also reach this office via phone at 254-757-5000. You can contact the warrant division of the McLennan County Sheriffs Office at 254-757-5107. Please note that you will probably be required to appear in person to complete your warrant search. You can use either this link for arrest records:, provided by the Texas DCJ, or you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

If you do, in fact, have an active warrant in your name for McLennan County, we advise that you turn yourself into the sheriff. Often, this will allow the courts to grant your leniency for turning yourself in. Be advised that state police officers have the jurisdiction to cross county lines, so hiding in another county is probably not a great idea.

If you would like to look at the law that governs how Texan warrants function, you may do so here:

According to the Texas DCJ’s annual Statistical Report (located at ), there were as many as 2,211 prison inmates at the end of 2010, with an additional 315 residing in state prison.


How do you get information on McLennan County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-update)

  • To know about recent arrest, call McLennan Detention Center on 806-775-7009 or the Jail at Highway 6 on 254-757-2555.
  • To file a complaint against drug activities, and other criminal matters (non-emergency), call on 254-759-7131.
  • To reach the Sheriff’s Office, call on 254-757-5000. However, reserve the use of this phone number for general, non-emergency inquiries and information.
  • To know more about initiating an arrest records search, call on 254-757-5108.
  • To learn about conducting a warrant search, call on 254-757-5107. You can also use this phone number to provide tips about outstanding warrants.
  • To know about the investigation of a criminal matter, call on 254-757-5095 (only for victims and attorneys).
  • For inquiries pertaining to county court dockets, connect with the County Clerk on 254-757-5078.
  • For District Court records, call the Office of the District Clerk on 254-757-5054


Crime statistics for McLennan County, TX

The crime figures of 2019 for McLennan County pointed towards a worsening law and order situation in the area. Nearly 570 criminal complaints were filed with the local police in 2019. Of these 500 were property crimes, which was an increase of 15% over the 425 complaints filed in the previous year. The violent crime rate showed little movement, staying at the 70 incident mark.

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