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Scouring the internet for arrest records and warrants for Foard County, Texas, can be problematic and time-consuming. This is often because most people don’t know where to look and because official records are notoriously difficult to locate using just a simple search engine. This is where we come in in this article, and we will show you the best way to find official records, like arrest records and warrants, for Foard County.

Unfortunately, Foard County do not, themselves, post most of these records online. In fact, the Sheriff’s Office of Foard County doesn’t even have a website! This typically means that you will have to contact the Sheriff via an alternative method, such as by visiting their office or calling them by telephone.

You can find the offices of the Sheriff of Foard County at 100 E. California, in Cromwell, TX 79227.

Thankfully, there are several different Texas-wide institutions dedicated to providing effective records of all kinds to Texas citizens. One of these, which is extraordinarily useful for looking up arrest records and even a criminal history, is the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can look at their web page, which explains what records at available, at You can also use a web tool provided by the Texas DCJ for looking up every person currently in prison in Texas. This tool can be found at

How can I get arrest records and warrant details from Foard County over the phone? (Expires in 2021)

  • Jail Bookings, to know about recent arrests – (940) 684-1360.
  • Sheriff’s Department to access arrest records – (940) 684-1501.
  • Foard County Court, to know about arrest warrants – (940)684-1424.
  • Court Clerk, for judicial records – (940)684-1365.
  • Foard County Attorney’s Office, for victim’s assistance – (940)684-1450.

Crime Statistics of Foard County

The annual crime average of Foard County (as listed by the Texas DPS in its 2010- annual report), stood at 7 offenses. Except for one complaint filed against assault, all other matters handled pertained to property crimes. Of the 6 reported offenses in this category, 4 were larceny thefts, and 2 were burglaries.

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