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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Scouring the Internet for arrest records and records of arrest warrants is one way to performs searches for these things for Bowie County, but it is definitely not the best way. Because there are so many websites out there that purport to have this information but instead direct you to for-profit websites that are not provided by the state, it can be dangerous to rely on search engines to procure such sensitive information. Instead, you would be best served by following the directions in this article. All of our links and contact numbers go directly to official sources of information, and all of them are free.

Unfortunately, the Bowie County Sheriffs Office does not appear to have a website of its own currency. This means that to inquire about arrest warrants for this particular county, it will be necessary for you to communicate directly with the sheriff’s office. You can visit their office in person at 100 North Stateline, in Texarkana, Texas, 75501.

Are you instead just trying to figure out if someone you know personally has been arrested in Bowie County? What about any other county in Texas? Thankfully, there is an organization that makes such inquiries very easy to solve. In fact, the Texas DCJ has a search tool that details the names, birth dates, and incarceration circumstances of every single prisoner in Texas. You can find this tool at


Can you contact the Sheriff’s Department over the phone for arrest records or warrant search? (2021-specific information)

As a rule, and a policy that works in their favor, the police seldom provide criminal history information over the phone. The only exception to this norm is when access to the details requested is a matter of right. This will be clearer as you read through the list of information that various agencies offer.

  • The Sheriff’s Office will only tell you how to go about filing a warrant search but won’t actually give you details on the arrest warrants against your subject unless you visit the agency office. However, they will accept a complaint over the phone and for this, you can call them on 903-798-3149.
  • Arrested individuals have the right to seek release on bail, and for this, they may require the help of an attorney or their family members. For this reason, information on recent arrests is made available on the phone. For this, you can call the detention center on 903-798-3505.
  • Often active warrants issued against traffic violations and even minor misdemeanor offenses can be sorted by paying a fine. Such cases are handled by the lower trial courts and you can get information on these from the County Clerk’s Office by calling on 903-628-6751.
  • In contrast, you will have to do a bit of running around to get your hands on court dockets for felony matters. To learn about the process of requesting such judicial records call the Office of the District Clerk on 903-628-6751.


Crime statistics for Bowie County, TX

In 2019, the Bowie County Police handled nearly 440 complaints against criminal acts. As is the case all across the country, the majority of these, at 330 plus incidents, were property crimes. Within this category, 170 were complaints against larceny-theft, followed closely by burglary with over 130 complaints.


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