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Have you been scouring the net, desperately trying to find out if someone you know has an arrest record out in their name? Maybe you cant locate them, and have good reason to suspect that theyve recently been arrested. Or, maybe, youre just trying to find out if a new employee or friend has an extensive criminal background. No matter your reasons, were here to help you get answers.

Unfortunately, theres no easy and quick way to get the arrest warrant status of persons within Garza County. Because these records arent detailed online, you will need to contact the sheriff of the county directly. You can do so either by visiting their offices in person at 412 East 15th Street, in Post, Texas, or by calling them at 806-495-3595. This office also has an email address that can be used for arrest warrant inquiries, lawofgarzacounty et

Although you could ask the sheriff about the arrest records of persons in Garza County, there are easier methods. Your first and best bet should always be the Texas DPS criminal history search. You can find this website at, and it can be an effective tool for determining which of your friends and relations has a criminal history as well as what that history is.

Another tool that we have found useful is provided by the Texas DCJ. It scans the entire inmate population of Texas, and by clicking on an individuals name, you can see a brief overlay of their criminal history, as well as their arrest records. You can find this tool at .

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