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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

The reasons why you have begun your search for arrest records and warrants for Coryell County, Texas, are entirely your own, and we won’t even ask you what they are. Our primary goal is to help people just like you find these sorts of records in as efficient a way possible.

To this end, we highly advise that you start your search at the Coryell County Sheriffs Offices website. This website, located at, houses a wide variety of information that deals expressly with what you are looking for.

Although it does not detail all of the current outstanding warrants for Coryell County, it does provide a contact with which you can use to request records. Go to this page:, scroll down and follow their instructions to fax your arrest records request.

They even have a Top Ten Most Wanted segment, which could be useful on certain occasions, but in our recent lookup, we could not find that information available on their new website.

Coryell county jail roster

Unlike many other sheriff websites throughout Texas, Coryell County actually used to have a jail and prison roster. You could use this page to see everyone currently in jail within Coryell County and even find out what their bail was set at. The crime they were being held for, but again – their recent website updates also apparently resulted in removing this service. If you’re able to find another official reliable source for such info, please email us to update this page with the most updated resource. In any case, please note that you will always need to get the express consent of the perpetrator for a full criminal background check.


How do you access Coryell warrants and arrest records over the phone? (2021-update)

Only bits and pieces of criminal history information are freely available in the public domain. For the better part the process of a warrant search and arrest records inquiry involves some amount of leg work. So, continue reading to know about details that are just a phone call away.

  • Records Clerk of the Sheriff’s Department: They may help you with limited data pertaining to arrests records and outstanding warrants. Use the phone number 254-865-7201 Ext.# 223 to get your hands on this information.
  • Coryell County detention center: The Bookings Desk can be contacted for information on recent arrests and releases as well as details on release bonds. Call them on 254-865-7201.
  • The District Clerk: They keep the judicial records for the District Court (for the civil and criminal sections). Contact them on 254-865-5911 ext. 2277/ 2482.
  • The County Clerk: In addition to public records, this agency also keeps the court records for all cases handled by the Magistrate’s and County Courts, including hearings held for the issue of active warrants. Contact them on 254-865-5911 ext. 2236/2278.


Crime statistics for Coryell County, TX

Overall, 2019 was a good year for Coryell County as the annual crime average plunged from its rate of 84 incidents in the previous year to well below 60 complaints. Although there was a single digit increase in the annual average of robbery and burglary crimes, all other crime categories witnessed a significant drop.


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