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Coryell County is a mid-sized county in Texas. Its population is neither the lowest nor the highest of all counties. Despite the fact, this county has quite a number of notable years in history. It was between 1685 and 1690 that France laid its flag in this county. Five years later, there was a growth of Spanish colonies. The majority of the state jails exclusive for women are located in this county. This shocking revelation only shows that women are more offensive than men.

These are only a few facts but men living in Coryell County will surely be intimidated. They will be scared to death and will not be able to find someone to date. Even so, this is not a big deal anymore. The clerk of court sees to it that court decisions are preserved for future use. A courthouse is built to archive court records into a collection of court dockets for ease of access. With a name and the required details, you can run a background check for a certain person at once.

Coryell County has five courthouse divisions with ten branches that you can go to. Both the county and constitutional courthouse is established at 620 East Main Street, P.O. Box 4, Gatesville, TX 76528. You can use this for their mailing address or just dial 254-865-5911 to call them.

Visiting every branch will take more than a day so it is suggested that you talk to the clerk for professional assistance. You can phone him at 254-865-5911, send a fax to 254-865-8631, or send an email to [email protected].

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