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Court dockets are thorough records of court proceedings. They contain incidences and matters presented during the trial of a certain individual. For this reason, the files containing such information are considered confidential. Its content is private to protect the person involved. However, if circumstances require the release of the court records, the judge can grant partial disclosure provided that the means of obtaining the files is permitted by the law.

In Hudspeth County in Texas, there are several courthouses which you can visit for details on court data. To learn about these courthouses, their addresses and contact information, you can go to their website at Some of the courthouses are Hudspeth Constitutional Courts, the 205th and 294th District Courts, and Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, 2, 3, and 4. The Constitutional Court in Hudspeth can be mailed at P.O. Box 68, Sierra Blanca, Texas, called at (915) 369-2321, and faxed at (915) 369-2361. As for the District Courts, they can be mailed at P.O. Box 58, Sierra Blanca Texas. You can contact these courts at (915) 369-2301 or fax at (915) 369-0055. The Justice of the Peace Precincts have the following addresses and contact details:

Hudspeth County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1

P.O. Box 40, Sierra Blanca, Texas

Phone: (915) 369-4141 Fax: (915) 369-3721

Hudspeth County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2

P.O. Box 88, Fort Hancock, Texas

Phone: (915) 769-3887 Fax: (915) 769-3450

Hudspeth County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3

19900 Highway 62/180, El Paso, Texas

Phone: (915) 964-2677

Hudspeth County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4

P.O. Box 161, Dell City, Texas

Phone: (915) 964-2677 Fax: (915) 964-2394

When you go to any of the courthouses in Hudspeth, you can ask the county clerk to help you. The clerks are the ones who keep and classify the public and court documents. You can ask help from the county clerk at P.O. Box 58, Sierra Blanca, Texas. You can call them at (915) 369-2301 or fax them at (915) 369-0055 to inquire about his or her most convenient time to assist you.

If these means are not enough, you can go to the public libraries in Hudspeth County. Grace Grebing Public and School Library is located at 110 North Main, Dell City, Texas. It can be reached at (915) 964-2468. Another public library is Fort Hancock ISD and Public Library, located at 101 School Dr., Fort Hancock, Texas. Call them at (915) 769-1600 for more information on the librarys hours.

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