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About 45 years ago, a law was approved by the US federal government that allows public access to court records in every state. You can look for court documents from any location, including Texas. However, the Texas court system does not provide free information online. A similar ruling applies within Zavala County. You have to physically visit the countys court house to get the information you need.

There are several courts in Zavala County where you can acquire the records you need. Both 293rd and 365th district courts can be found in Crystal City. For quick inquiries, give them a call at 830-374-3456 or fax to 830-374-2632. A constitutional court can be found at 2 E Uvalde, 900 Crystal City. Give them a call at 830-374-3810 or fax to 830-374-5955.

Zavala County also has a justice court with several precincts. Precinct 1-1A can be found in Batesville. Give them a call at 830-376-4609 or fax at 830-376-9021. Precinct 2 can be found at 9 E Uvalde, Crystal City. Give them a call at 830-374-2116. Precinct 3 can be found at 319 North First Street, Crystal City. Give them a call at 830-374-5197or fax at 830-374-2895. Precinct 4 can be found at 555 La Pryor. Give them a call at 830-365-4494 or fax at 830-365-4702.

If you still cannot find any record, another option is to go the Zavala County municipal court found at 101 E Dimmitt St, Crystal City. Give them a call at 830-374-2923.

You can get assistance from a librarian at the Texas State Law Library found on the first floor of the Tom C. Clark Building in Austin. You can call the reference desk at 512-463-1722 or fax them at 512-463-1728. To submit an online inquiry, fill out a form here:

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