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Court records can tell you a lot about a persons past criminal history. If you know where the person that you want to know about lives, you can search for their records by county and state. However there is a law that protects the information in the court records and restricts the initial access the public has to them. Luckily, there are legal methods to gaining access to court records. This article will discuss some of your options.

One of the best options you have is to visit the office of the district clerk of Lipscomb County. It is the district clerks responsibility to keep and organize the court records for Lipscomb County. Therefore, the district clerk is a great resource for finding court records or learning where you can obtain them. You can send a written message to the district clerks office at P.O. Box 70, Lipscomb, TX. You can also contact them through telephone at 806-862-3091 or through fax at 806-862-3004. The district attorney is another official who can help you find and access court records. You can send a written message to the district attorney at P.O. Box 1592, Pampa, TX. Their telephone number is 806-669-8035 and their fax number is 806-669-8050.

The internet is another great source of information regarding court records. You might want to start on the official website of Lipscomb County, Texas. You can find information about the local courts and officials that can help in your search. The official website for Lipscomb County is

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