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Bee County is not as big as a beehive community and has nine courthouse branches for you to go searching out free public court records. The countys district court has three branches located at this address: 105 West Corpus Christi Street, Beeville, TX 78102. Calling the phone number 361-362-3242 is one way to process your transactions immediately. You can opt for fax messaging to 361-362-3282.

Bee County has a constitutional court on the same street where you can access a collection of court dockets and supporting court decisions. You may call the court at 361-362-3245 or send a fax message to 361-362-3247.

The Bee County clerk of court who works here can be reached using the any of the contact numbers mentioned above. If you prefer, you can email the county clerk at this address: [email protected].

You can find the two Bee County justice court precincts on Corpus Christi Street as well. The other two precincts can be found in the cities of Tuleta and Skidmore. To make a phone call, use these numbers: 361-362-3233, 361-375-2343, 361-362-3235, 361-287-3436. To send a fax message, use these: 361-362-2840, 361-362-3236.

There is a Bee County Municipal Court located at 405 North Saint Marys Street in Beeville and it can be phoned at 361-358-0260.

Another person that you can speak to is the chief appraiser. This office is located at 401 N. Washington St. Beeville, TX 78102-3911. He can be phoned at 361-358-0193, faxed at 361-362-0140, and emailed at [email protected].

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