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Here is another controversial county in Texas. Reports said that the officers of Willacy County were caught up in a series of issues related to politics. The real story was not known aside from the issue between the district attorney, the sheriff and the 2 clerks. Both sides wanted each and everyone to be removed from their respective positions.

The problem got bigger because the district attorney dismissed a murder case. He said that there was not enough time to put it in order. However, he has been able to file an appeal against the Willacy County judge the following day. It was a bit complicated.

Three years ago, the Willacy County jurors accused several officers together with the vice president and a senator. This is a very serious case that will definitely push anyone to search out court records. When there is money involved, these influential officers can be easily manipulated.

There are eight courthouses where you can get court records. They are all located within Raymondville.

The Willacy County district court can be found on Hidalgo Avenue. You can call them at 956-689-2532 or fax them at 956-689-5713. A constitutional court can be found on Main Street. You can call them at 956-689-3393 or fax them at 956-689-4817. All five precincts can be found on Hidalgo Avenue. You can call them at 956-689-3381 or fax them at 956-689-5341. A municipal court is also located in the same avenue. You can call them at 956-689-6449.

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