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Finding court records online can be very convenient if what you are looking for is available. Unfortunately, if you are looking for court records in Moore County, Texas, you will not find a website that offers free retrieval of court dockets. Some give partial disclosure for a fee.

Regardless, you can still obtain court records for Moore County. Your first option is to visit courthouses in the county. It is best for you to conduct your initial search at the district court found at 715 S. Dumas Avenue, Room 109, Dumas, Texas 79029. The district court can be contacted at (806) 935-4218. They can also be reached by fax at (806) 935-6325.

Aside from the district court, the county court can also provide assistance in your Moore County court records search. The county court can be reached at 715 S. Dumas Avenue, Room 202, Dumas, Texas 79029. You can phone them at (806) 935-5588 or fax them at (806) 935-6885.

If you have further questions, you may try visiting the county clerks office, which is located at 715 S. Dumas Avenue, Room 107, Dumas, Texas 79029. You may phone the clerk at (806) 935-2009. You may also e-mail the current clerk at [email protected]. More information about the county and its courthouses can be accessed online through the countys official website,

Lastly, you may utilize the countys library in your search. The Killgore Memorial Library can be visited at 124 South Bliss Avenue, Dumas, Texas 79029-3804. Their phone number is (806) 935-4941. For more information about the library, visit .

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