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As a county in Texas, Denton is under the legal jurisdiction of the United States of America. This means they abide by rules and policies set by the government. When it comes to public and court records, they do not have an online database due to matters of confidentiality and the privacy of the people involved. In fact, only partial disclosure is granted by the court or the individual involved if release of such information is necessary. If this is the case, there are several ways you can get the dockets.

To make sure that you get the record of the exact court proceeding you require, you can go directly to the courthouses in Denton County. You can mail their district court at P.O. Box 2146, Denton, Texas. You can contact the court by phone at (940) 349-2210 or by fax at (940) 349-2211. This is to make sure that you go there at their most convenient office hours and that they have the file that you wish to get. Besides the district court, you can also visit Hickory Creek Town Municipal Court. It is located at 637 South Lake Dr., Denton, Texas. You can call them at (940) 497-2564. If you wish someone to assist you in finding your sources, you can consult the county clerk. You can contact this person by phone at (940) 349-2010 or mail at P.O. Box 2187, Denton, Texas. For more updates and details on resources for finding court records, you can go online and visit Denton County’s official website at

If all your options seem insufficient, you can go to the public libraries in Denton. This county has plenty of libraries that you can choose to visit. The Denton Public Library is located at 502 Oakland St., Denton, Texas. Their phone number is (940) 349-8752. Lake Cities Library is found at 302 South Shady Shores Dr., Lake Dallas, Texas. Their phone number is (940) 497-3566.

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