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Court dockets contain detailed transcriptions of court proceedings in Dawson County. You can find everything that took place during the proceeding in a docket. With that, the issue of confidentiality matters. As a county in Texas, Dawson does not have an online record of an individual’s court files. It follows a legitimate jurisdiction when it comes to releasing public records.

So, if you plan to look for such files in Dawson County, besides visiting their official website at www.co.dawson.tx.us, you can go to their courthouses, county clerk or even their public libraries. In Dawson, you can visit any of the four courthouses. The 106th District Court in Dawson is located at 400 South First Street, P.O. Box 1268, Lamesa, Texas. Their phone number is (806) 872-7373 and their fax number is (806) 872-9513. Another courthouse is the constitutional county court located at the same address as the 106th District Court. You can call them at (806) 872-3778 or fax them at (806) 872-2473. The Dawson County Justice of the Peace Court also has the same address as the district and constitutional courts and can be reached at (806) 872-3744 or faxed at (806) 872-5915. The last courthouse is the Lamesa Municipal Court at 601 South First Street, Lamesa, Texas. Their phone number is (806) 872-4343 and their fax number is (806) 872-4341.

The county clerk is also available to help you find the files that you want. You can mail this person at P.O. Box 1268, Lamesa, Texas, or call them at (806) 872-3778. This is the right person to ask for assistance since he or she is the one responsible for keeping and organizing all public and court files in Dawson County.

If all else fails, your last resort is to go to Dawson County Public Library located at 511 N. 3rd Street, Lamesa, Texas. You can ask them for their hours of operation by calling (806) 872-6502.

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