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Williamson County is commonly known as Wilco. This Texas county acquired its name from the so-called man with three legs. Robert McAlpin Williamson is a veteran who suffered an illness as a child. This caused his right leg to grow smaller than expected. He came up with a solution by pulling his weak leg at the back of his thigh and attached an extension that perfectly blends with his unaffected leg. The fun part is that this county was one of the locations where the original version of the movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, was filmed. Williamson County is very rich in history. There is no doubt that you will encounter people with masked identities.

There are over 20 courthouses scattered around the county to keep up-to-date court records. You can directly call the records division at (512) 943-1515. They are open from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

The Williamson County commissioner is also available to assist you. You can call them at (512) 943-1515. There is a courthouse located on Main Street in Georgetown. You can call them at (512) 943-1100.

The Williamson County justice center is where you can see the clerk. The clerk is the one who works with every legitimate transaction and knows exactly what you need. You can ask which of the 20+ courthouses can serve you well. The justice center is located on Martin Luther King Street in Georgetown. Otherwise, you can send an email to the clerk at [email protected]. They are open five days a week with no lunch breaks.

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