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To find out about a persons criminal past, court records are a reliable and somewhat easily obtained source of information. There is a law in the United States that limits access to court records, so finding what you are after will take some effort. So, if youre looking for court dockets in Lee County, Texas dont be discouraged. There are still legal ways to obtain the records that you want. All you have to do is contact the proper authorities.

There are county officials, such as the county clerk and the county sheriff that can definitely help you in your search for court records. Both officials have offices in the Lee County Courthouse. The courthouse is located at 200 S Main St., Giddings, TX. You should give the county courthouse a call at 979-542-3178 before you visit to set an appointment. This way, the clerk or sheriff will be prepared to help you. Here are the addresses and contact information for the sheriff and county clerk.

Lee County Clerk

P.O. Box 419

Telephone: 979-542-3684

Fax: 979-542-2623

E-mail: [email protected]

Lee County Sheriff

P.O. Box 98

Telephone: 979-542-2800

Fax: 979-542-1446

The Lee County Courthouse is another place to go to for researching court records. Finally, you can visit the library for more help with your search. The Giddings Public Library is located at 276 N Orange St., Giddings, TX. You can give them a call at 979-542-2716 to see if they have the records that you need before you visit.

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