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Court dockets are a detailed transcription of what takes place during court hearings. They include sensitive matters like names of individuals, places, and events, which are deemed confidential and private. In line with this, Marion County, Texas, does not host a readily searchable court dockets database on the internet. Partial disclosure is provided by some websites for a small fee.

If you are looking for court records, the best way for you to acquire such documents is by visiting district courthouses in the county. There are two district courts in Marion County, the 115th District Court and the 276th District Court. The former can be contacted at P.O. Box 1052, Gilmer, Texas 75644-1052. Its phone number is (903) 665-2441. The latter can be reached at P.O. Box 480, Daingerfield, Texas 75638-0480 and at the same phone number as the 115th District Court.

If the district court is unable to help you, you still have other options. One of these options is visiting the county court. Marion County Constitutional Court can be contacted at (903) 665-3261. Its location is 102 West Austin Street, Room 205, Jefferson, Texas 75657.

Your other option is directly talking to a person knowledgeable about court records, the county clerk. The clerks office is at 102 West Austin Street, Room 206, Jefferson, Texas 75657. For faster transactions, you may call the office at (903) 665-3971 or fax them at (936) 665-8732. You may visit for more information.

Lastly, if you do not know exactly what court information you are looking for, the public libraries can help you. There are few libraries found in or near the county, but the one in Jefferson is the Jefferson Carnegie Library, which is located at 301 West Lafayette Street, Jefferson, Texas. You may try to inquire about their office hours by calling them at (903) 665-8911. The full list of libraries can be viewed at

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