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Washington County is, of course, named after the very first president of the United Sates, George Washington. This county is also known as Washington-on-the-Brazos, the site where the Texas self-government was officially declared. The first Texas county fair took place in this county as well. With a total of 10 courthouses, this county can deal with court orders and decisions more effectively. You will be able to find particular court records with no trouble.

There are two district court divisions in Washington County. Both of them are located on the east side of the city of Brenham. The constitutional court and another court at law are located in the same area. You can call them at 979-277-6200.

Washington County has four precinct divisions. Precinct 1 is found at East Blue Bell, Brenham City. You can call them at 979-277-6260 or fax to 979-277-6296. Precinct 2 is found at Sausage Lane, Chappell Hill. You can call them at 979-836-5008 or fax to 979-836-5815.

Precinct 3 is also found on the east side of Brenham. You can reach them at 979-277-6200 Ext 132. Precinct 4 is located in the main city of Burton. You can call them at 979-289-2921 or fax to 979-289-5001.

Washington County has a municipal court found west of Vulcan in Brenham City. You can call them at 979-337-7599 or fax to 979-337-7504. Another court is found in Burton City and can be reached by dialing 979-289-3400.

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