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Government court databases are quite hard to retrieve online, unless you are willing to access them through a pay website. However, this is usually not enough. Since Gray County doesnt provide an open judicial system online, it does not provide complete disclosure of public records over the internet either. The only way to retrieve court documents is by dealing with the authorized personnel who serve as the court record keeper of the county.

I suggest that you begin your search by getting in touch with the countys district court at P.O. Box 1139, Pampa, Texas 790066-1139. Try calling them at (806) 669-8010 to get an idea of how to retrieve the documents for which you are searching. The county and probate courts can be good places to start your Gray County court information search. Contact them at P.O. Box 1902, Pampa, Texas 79066-1902. Their number is (806) 669-8004. It is also best for you to be prepared with cash on hand since they do not accept credit cards for payment.

If you do not know exactly what to do, try calling the county clerk at (806) 669-8004. The county clerk serves as the record keeper and also provides guidance regarding how to find court dockets. If you need to talk to him/her personally, try visiting the clerks office at 205 N Russel Courthouse, Pampa, Texas 79065. Visit the county clerk online at

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