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Most states make a number of court decisions and court documents freely available to the public. However, most states, and therefore their counties, do not usually provide access to information like court documents or court dockets online. The best way to easily access the court dockets that you need is to visit the offices of those who have the power to release them. This is faster, not to mention more reliable.

Just like all other counties, Shackelford does not usually give out court information or dockets over the phone or on the internet. The best thing you can do is to pay them a visit at their office. You can get the files that you need from the district court and county court offices by writing to the district and county clerk at P.O. Box 247, Albany, Texas. Or, you may call them directly at (325) 762-2232. To find instructions on how to request a docket or any other court document that you want to look for, visit their website at

You should also consider using the countys libraries. These public institutions can be a great help, especially when searching for court dockets and decisions. If you are in Shackelford County and looking for court dockets or documents, it would be great to visit the county library, which is located at 402 N. 2nd St, Albany, Texas. Another way to contact them is through their website at

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