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Texas court records are trending nowadays because they serve as supplementary facts to know a person better. A curriculum vita presents positive skills while a court record unfolds immorality. You will never know unless you dig deeper. In Wilson County, there are specialized courthouses where you can go to check whether a person legally owns something, has been previously married or has committed anything unlawful.

There are two Wilson County district courts. Both district courts are located on Third Street in Floresville City. Call 830-393-7322 to set an appointment. You can also fax them at 830-393-7319. A constitutional court is located on the same street. You can phone them at 830-393-7303 or fax them at 830-393-7327.

For Wilson County justice courts, two precincts are located on Tenth Street in Floresville City. You can reach the precincts using the following numbers:

Wilson County Justice Court Precinct 1

Phone: 830-393-5112 Fax: 830-393-5213

Wilson County Justice Court Precinct 4

Phone: 830-393-4052 Fax: 830-393-5149

Precinct 2 and 3 are located separately. See below for more information.

Wilson County Justice Court Precinct 2

121 Dilworth Plaza, Poth City

Phone: 830-484-2356 Fax: 830-484-2356

Wilson County Justice Court Precinct 3

La Verrnia City, Texas

Phone: 830-779-2285 Fax: 830-779-2285

The main Wilson County municipal court is located in Floresville City. You can phone them at 830-393-4232 or fax them at 830-393-6616. Just let them know what you need and they will advise you what to do. They may refer you to other municipal courts if they cannot get what you need. These are located in three different cities: La Vernia, Poth, and Stockdale.

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