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The reason that obtaining court records in Jones County, Texas is difficult is laws that restrict public access. However, you have plenty of legal options when it comes for searching for court dockets.

Your first option is to go through the county courthouse. The address for the Jones County Courthouse is 1100 12th St, Anson, TX. You can give them a call at (325) 823-3762. There are also offices you can visit within the courthouse. Two of the most important offices to your search are the county clerks and the court judges offices. You can send a letter to the county clerk to P.O. Box 552, Anson, TX. You can reach them by phone by dialing (325) 823-3201 or send a fax to (325) 823-2714. For the county judge, you can send a letter to P.O. Box 148, Anson, TX or give them a call at (325) 823-3741.

The official website of Jones County, Texas is You can find more sources for court dockets on the website, along with contact information for officials that can help you in your search.

You can also go to the public library to ask for assistance. Libraries often have historical records of older court dockets, since they can make up a valuable historical reference. In Jones County, the Anson Public Library can be of service. The library is located at 1137 12th St, Anson, TX. You can give them a call by dialing (325) 823-2711. Call before you visit so that they are prepared to help you.

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