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Just like the other counties located in Texas, Ector County does not have an online database that contains the complete details of court proceedings or decisions made by the court. The only possible way of getting such information is to visit the appropriate county court or go to their official website to learn more sources.

There are a lot of courthouses located in Ector County. You can browse their website,, to view some of them and their corresponding addresses. Ector County 70th District Court is located at 300 North Grant Avenue, Room 301, Odessa. You can call them at (432) 498-4290 or fax at (432) 498-4292. Another courthouse is Ector County Constitutional Court at 300 North Grant Avenue, Room 227, Odessa. You can reach them at (432) 498-4100 or fax at (432) 498-4101. If you are confused about which courthouse to visit, ask for help from the county clerk who is responsible for all public records. This person can be located at 300 N. Grant, Room 111, Odessa, Texas. You can call at (432) 498-4130 or fax at (432) 498-4177.

When you have exhausted these sources, you can try searching at Ector County Public Library. Its address is at 321W 5th Street, Odessa, Texas and its phone number is (432) 332-0633. The public library will provide you access to legal proceedings within Ector County. The library is open from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM Monday and Tuesday, and from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Wednesday and Saturday.

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