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In Texas, court cases are not available to be viewed in an online database. It is not allowed by the laws of Texas. A record of court proceedings can only be made available by the proper authorities in Howard County. There are several ways that you can obtain information on sources of court dockets.

You can go online and search for sources of court files, but not an online copy of the document itself. You can only go to their webpage for some details on places and courthouses that can provide you with the dockets. The official website is Howard County has a lot of courthouses. Some of them are as follows:

Howard Constitutional Court

300 Main Street, Room 207, Big Spring, Texas

Phone: (432) 264-2203 Fax: (432) 264-2206

Howard 118th District Court

312 Scurry Street, Big Spring, Texas

Phone: (432) 264-2223 Fax: (432) 264-2256

Big Spring Municipal Court

305 Johnson Street, Big Spring, Texas

Phone: (432) 264-2530 Fax: (432) 264-2410

Howard Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 – Place 1

300 Main Street, Room 211, Big Spring, Texas

Phone: (432) 264-2226 Fax: (432) 264-2227

Howard Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 – Place 2

300 Main Street, Room 200, Big Spring, Texas

Phone: (432) 264-2228 Fax: (432) 264-2268

Howard Justice of the Peace Precinct 2

110 North First Street, P.O. Box 346, Coahoma, Texas

Phone: (432) 394-4000 Fax: (432) 394-4005

When you go to these courthouses, you can seek help from the county clerk whose job it is to store and categorize the court and public files of all individuals in the county. This person can be mailed at P.O. Box 1468, Big Spring, Texas. You can also call them at (432) 264-2213 or fax them at (432) 264-2215 for the information that you want to obtain.

The last place that you can go to for court cases is Howard County Library. Its address is 500 South Main Street, Big Spring, Texas. You can contact them at (432) 264-2260.

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