How to Look for Public Court Dockets in Bowie County, Texas

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In Bowie County, there are a number of courthouse divisions where you can look for public court dockets along with a variety of court records and decisions. You can drop by the district court located at 710 James Bowie Drive in New Boston. You can connect to them by dialing 903-628-6775 or you can fax a message to 903-628-6761. There are two more branches that can be found here.

At the same time, a constitutional court and a court at law can be found at the same location. You can get in touch with the constitutional court by phone at 903-628-6718, or by fax at 903-628-6719. You may contact the court at law by phone at 903-628-6835, or by fax at 903-628-2217.

Bowie County has a justice court with seven precincts. Two sub-branches of Precinct 1 are located in Rooms 13 and 14 in Texarkana City. One branch can be reached by phone at 903-798-3006, or by fax at 903-798-3601. The other can be reached by phone at 903-798-3038, or by fax at 903-798-3601.

The rest of the precincts can be found in the cities of New Boston, De Kalb, Simms, Maud and Hooks. There are more municipal court branches nearby in Nash City.

For further assistance, refer your requests either to the county clerk or district clerk. They both work nearby the district court. You can talk to the county clerk by phone at (903) 628-6740. The clerk accepts follow up messages through fax at (903) 628-6729 and email at [email protected]. Just use the contact numbers of the district court to reach the other clerk. This one can be emailed at [email protected].

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