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One of the many counties in Texas is Haskell County. As one of the places under the legal jurisdiction of Texas, it also abides by the law that does not allow an online catalog of court and public documents. Instead, you can look for these files elsewhere.

First, you can ask the county clerk to assist you in finding the court records. You can send mail to this person at P.O. Box 725, Haskell, Texas. You can call the county clerk at (940) 864-2451 or send a fax to (940) 864-6164. Aside from the county clerk, you can also obtain the information on courthouses in Haskell County through their official website. The official homepage of the county is www.co.haskell.tx.us/. The courthouses in Haskell are the 39th District Court, the constitutional court, justice of the peace and the municipal court.

Haskell County 39th District Court

P.O. Box 966, Haskell, Texas

Phone: (940) 864-2030

Haskell County Constitutional Court

1 Avenue D, Haskell, Texas

Phone: (940) 864-2851

Haskell County Justice of the Peace

1 Avenue D, Haskell, Texas

Phone: (940) 864-2903

Haskell Municipal Court

P.O. Box 1003, Haskell, Texas

Phone: (940) 864-3996

Another reliable source of court dockets is the Haskell County Library. You can choose to look there if the file you are looking for is not available in the courthouses. The address is 412 North 1st Street, Haskell, Texas. Simply contact them at (940) 864-2747 to find out more details about available files and their hours of operation.

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