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Morris County, Texas records their court proceedings in court dockets. There are laws preventing these files from being released online. If the records need to be disclosed, their release has to be approved by the judge. When attempting to access the information, you will not find it in an online database. The data must be obtained in a legal way.

The first way of getting the documents is going to the courthouses. There are plenty of courthouses in Morris County. The first two are the 276th and 76th district courts. They are located at 500 Broadmax, Daingerfield. You can call them at (903) 645-2321 or fax them at (903) 645-3433. The third court is Morris County constitutional court. Their contact numbers are (903) 645-3691 and (903) 645-5729. You can go to their address at 500 Broadmax St., Suite B, Daingerfield.

The other courthouses are Justice of the Peace Precincts 1, 2, 3, and 4. These courts are found at 502 Union Street, Daingerfield. Their contact number is (903) 645-3031 and their fax number is (903) 645-7228. When you visit any of these courthouses, you can also see the county clerk for assistance in your search. You can visit this person at 500 Broadmax, Daingerfield. You may contact them by phone at (903) 645-3911. For more information on places and people to visit in Morris County, simply go to their official website,

You can also go to Morris Countys public libraries if you run out of other options. Daingerfield Public Library is located at 207 Jefferson Street, Daingerfield, Texas. You may contact them by phone at (903) 645-2823. Another one is Naples Public Library at 101 Walnut Street, Naples, Texas. Their contact number is (903) 897-2964. Call any of these libraries to find out their hours of operation.

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