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Court records are a reliable way to get information about a persons past. However, there are laws that restrict access to court records in order to protect the person involved. Lavaca County adheres to this law, but there are still plenty of legal ways to obtain a persons arrest records.

The first possible solution is by asking for help from the proper county officials. The county courthouse is a good place to start. Ask for help from the county clerk and the county sheriff, since they both have access to court records. Since you have the legal right to view the dockets, these officials can help you obtain them.

In Lavaca County, Texas, the county courthouse is located at 109 N. LaGrange, Hallettsville, TX and you can contact them at 361-798-2301. Both the county clerk and the county sheriff have offices in the courthouse. Here is specific contact information for both offices:

Lavaca County Clerk

P. O. Box 326

Telephone: 361-798-3612

Lavaca County Sheriff

P. O. Box 373

Telephone: 361-798-2121

Fax: 361-798-4468

Public libraries are another good place to look for court records, and there are two libraries in Lavaca County where you can research. The Friench Simpson Memorial Library is found at 705 E 4th St., Hallettsville, TX and the contact number is (361) 798-3243. You can visit their official website at Another library that you can visit in Lavaca County is the Shiner Public Library, which is located at 115 E Wolters 2nd St., Shiner, TX. Their contact number is 361-594-3044.

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