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Court cases contain sensitive information that is deemed confidential and cannot be easily accessed online. Floyd County, Texas, being under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, strictly adheres to the laws of the land regarding record keeping and distribution. If you wish to obtain detailed court information regarding events and individuals within Floyd County, Texas, the best way to do it is by directly approaching the court authorities.

You can start your search by visiting the district court located at 105 S. Main St, Rm 207, Floydada, Texas 79235. Before visiting, you can first call them at (806) 983-4923 to found out if the record you are looking for is available or not. Their fax number is (806) 983-4938.

Floyd County, Texas has a county court located at Courthouse, Rm 101 Main St, Floydada, Texas 79235. They might have the records that you want. You can contact them at (806) 983-4900 or fax to (806) 983-4921. You may also send your queries to hollhan et yahoo.com. Their official website is http://www.co.floyd.tx.us/. Credit cards are not accepted by either the district or county court, so be prepared with cash on hand.

The county clerk serves as the keeper of the vital records in Floyd County. The clerk may also have the data you for which you are searching. You can contact the county clerk at (806) 983-4900 or fax to (806) 983-2400. Their physical location is at 105 South Main St, Rm 101, Floydada, Texas 79235. The county court can also be found at this address.

If you have tried the above options and failed, the county library is also a great alternative to court. You can visit the Floyd County Library at 11 S. Wall St, Floydada, Texas 79241. Their telephone number is (806) 983-4922.

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