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In accordance with U.S. laws regarding court records disclosure, Nolan County follows the legal process in disclosing information about court proceedings. Some documents are kept confidential based on the discretion of the judge due to sensitive matters regarding the person involved. However, even in such cases, partial disclosure can still be granted.

In order to obtain the necessary records, go directly to Nolan County Texas Courthouse located at 100 East 3rd Street, Sweetwater Texas. To make sure that they have the documents that you are looking for, you can contact them at (325) 235-2462. The county clerk can also give you assistance in your search. You can contact this person at (325) 235-2462 or fax to (325) 236-9416. The county clerk is located at the same address as Nolan County Texas Courthouse, in room 108. There are also other court clerks from whom you can ask help. You can contact the district clerk at (325) 235-2111. You can also contact the county judge administrative assistant at (325) 235-2263.

If going to the county courthouse is inconvenient for you, you can search for the dockets online. Nolan County has an official website from which you can get information about court proceedings on a certain individual. You can visit their website at

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