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The escalation of court cases is the main reason why legal documents or court dockets are systematically filed. . As you can see, court decisions are now becoming an integral part of assuring that a person is not a threat to you. You can find court records online but most of them require payment to be accessible.

In the State of Texas, Trinity County has established several courthouses that provide legal services for free. Your first stop would be at the district court. This courthouse division has two branches in Groveton City. For better convenience, you can directly speak to them by phone at 936-642-1118 and fax them at 936-642-0002. A constitutional court can be spotted nearby. You can directly speak to them by phone at 936-642-1746 and fax them at 936-642-1046. Moreover, one precinct of the countys justice court can be spotted here and can be phoned at 936-642-1224.

The rest of the precincts are branched in two cities. Two precincts can be spotted in Trinity City. You can directly speak to them by phone at 936-594-2011 or fax them at 936-594-5904 and 936-642-9440.

Another precinct can be spotted in Apple Springs. You can directly speak to them by calling 936-831-3778 and fax them at 936-831-3779.

You can spot a municipal court in Groveton City. Just dial 936-642-1122 if you want to make a phone call or else. You can spot this branch at West Madison in Trinity City and you can send them a fax message at 936-594-8364.

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