Where to Find Public Court Dockets and Court Records for Throckmorton County, Texas

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Obviously, you are reading this article because you want to keep away from suspicious looking people in Throckmorton County. The question is, Can you find public court dockets for free?

The answer is definitely yes. You can get hold of court records and unlock the mystery behind a particular person quicker because this county is a bit smaller than other counties of Texas. It has three courthouse divisions and each of them has only one branch.

The choice is yours. You can learn about Throckmorton County court decisions from the district court at PO Box 309 of the main city. Dial 940-849-2501 to make a quick call or you can send a fax to 940-849-3220. If you like the county constitutional court better, go to this address: PO Box 700, Throckmorton. You can phone them at 940-849-3081 or send fax to 904-849-9601.

Otherwise, you can go to the Throckmorton County Justice of the Peace Court at PO Box 721, Throckmorton. You can phone them at 940-849-3791 or send a fax to 904-849-9601.

In addition to the courthouses, you can approach the county officials to get the best recommendation. Both offices of the district and county clerk can be found this address: P.O. Box 309, Throckmorton. You can phone them at 940 849-2501. You can send them a fax to 940-849-3032 or an email to [email protected].

The Throckmorton County Appraisal District Office can be mailed at P.O. Box 788, Throckmorton. You can phone them at 940-849-5691. You can send them a fax to 940-849-5692 or an email to [email protected].

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