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With over 254 counties and one of the largest states in the US, Texas has a very complex history. Most citations or references are stored in a form of electronic court dockets to monitor everyone. Court decisions are automatically filed and used as a safety measure against violent citizens pretending to be good Samaritans. It does not matter whether you are a local resident or just a tourist. It is hard to identify whether a county is safe to live in, especially when it is keeping a very low profile online.

If you are looking for information about people living in Upton County, you have to call the county clerk to locate which courthouse you are supposed to go to. You can speak to both the county and district clerks directly by visiting their office located in Rankin City. They are also available by calling 432-693-2861 or faxing 432-693-2129.

Technically, you can find the county clerk and the district court on the east side of 10th Street in the main city of Upton County. You can find the constitutional court nearby. However, you have to dial different contact numbers to reach their office. Dial this number, 432-693-2321, when making a phone call and 432-693-2243 when sending a fax message.

The justice court has four precincts. You can find the first and second precincts in Rankin City. These precincts can be called at 432-693-2473. Precincts three and four are located in McCamey City and can be called at 432-652-8222. You can also find the municipal court in this city. You can either call them at 432-652-3333 or fax them at 432-652-3225.

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