How to Find Free Court Dockets and Records in Briscoe County, Texas

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You will find in this article a comprehensive guide to finding court dockets and other particular court decisions in Briscoe County. You will be able to run background checks and access a collection of court records at no cost. You can look at online sources, but it is best to seek assistance from courthouses and clerks because they are the most credible.

Lets start with the Briscoe County Courthouse divisions and branches. Three of them are located in the main city of Silverton. The exact mailing address of the district court is P.O. Box 555, Silverton, Texas 79257. You can give them a call at 806-823-2134. Their office can receive fax messages through this number: 806-823-2359.

The constitutional courts mailing address is P.O. Box 153, Silverton, Texas 79257. You can talk to them by phone at 806-823-2131. Briscoe County has a justice court with two branches. Precinct 1s mailing address is P.O. Box 67, Silverton, TX 79257 and they can be phoned at 806-823-2253. Both of these courts use the same fax number as the district court.

The other precinct can be contacted by mail at P.O. Box 427, Quitaque, TX 79255 and can be reached at this number: 806-455-1456.

The Briscoe County Clerk of Court works as the county and district clerk. You can find the clerk at the district courts office or you can send an email to [email protected]. The chief appraisers mailing address is P.O. Box 728 Silverton, TX 79257-0728. You can contact the chief appraiser by phone and fax at 806-823-2161. Otherwise, you can follow up your requests by emailing [email protected].

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