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El Paso County is one of the many counties in Texas that provides a searchable database of their court proceedings. It is unlike other counties in Texas that follow the U.S. legal jurisdiction of releasing any court records to the public.

You can visit the searchable court system at [email protected]. Besides this online database for El Paso County, you can also go to their website at http://www.epcounty.com/. Their website can supply you with all the information that you need regarding where you can search for court documents. You will find there the addresses of the many courthouses in El Paso. Some of them are listed below, along with their addresses and contact numbers.

El Paso County Criminal District Court

El Paso County Courthouse

500 East San Antonio Avenue, Suite 103, El Paso, Texas

Phone: (915) 546-2021 Fax: (915) 546-8139

El Paso County Constitutional Court

El Paso County Courthouse

500 East San Antonio Avenue, Suite 301, El Paso, Texas

Phone: (915) 546-2098 Fax: (915)-543-3888

Anthony Municipal Court

401 Wildcat Drive, PO Box 1269, Town of Anthony, Texas

Phone: (915) 886-3272

Clint Municipal Court

PO Box 350, Clint, Texas

Phone: (915) 851-3146

El Paso Municipal Court

810 East Overland Avenue, El Paso, Texas

Phone: (915) 546-2901 Fax: (915) 546-2939

Horizon City Municipal Court

14999 Darrington Road, Horizon City, Texas

Phone: (915) 852-1048

Socorro Municipal Court

860 North Rio Vista Road, Socorro, Texas

Phone: (915) 872-8574 Fax: (915) 872-0450

Vinton Municipal Court

436 East Vinton Road, Vinton, Texas

Phone: (915) 886-5104

If you wish to visit any of the above courthouses, you may do so. Or, allow the county clerk to advise you regarding where to search. The role of this person is to organize and preserve the filings of all criminal misdemeanors and issuance of court dockets. The county clerk is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM at 500 E. San Antonio Suite 105 El Paso, Texas. Or, you may reach this person at (915) 546-2071.

El Paso Public Library is also a reliable source of court files. You can visit them at 501 N Oregon Street, El Paso, Texas or contact them at (915) 543-5401. You can browse their website at http://www.elpasolibrary.org/ to learn more about their schedule and services prior to your visit.

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