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Court records are not disclosed to the public without proper permission from the court authorities. Maverick County, being in Texas, is governed by its laws regarding the release of these kinds of documents. If you are looking for court dockets online for this county, it is best for you to directly approach the proper authorities for the retrieval of the court documents that you want.

Your first option is contacting the district courts. There are two district courts in Maverick County. You may visit either or both of the courts at 500 Quarry Street #5, Eagle Pass, Texas 78852. If you are in a hurry, call them prior to your visit to give them an idea of what court records you want to find. Their phone number is (830) 773-2629. You can also fax them. Their fax number is (830) 773-4439.

Your second option is contacting the county court. The Maverick County Constitutional Court can be visited at 500 Quarry Street #3, Eagle Pass, Texas 78852. The phone number is (830) 773-3824 and the fax number is (830) 773-6450. Aside from these two options, you may also direct your queries to the county clerk, who is located at 500 Quarry Street, Suite 2, Eagle Pass, Texas 78852. You may also phone the office through either one of the landline numbers, (830) 773-2828 or (830) 752-4479. Learn more about the county and its courthouses at

Your final option is visiting the countys public libraries. The full list of the libraries can be viewed at The nearest one is the Eagle Pass Public Library, which is located at 589 East Main Street, Eagle Pass, Texas 78852. You may phone them at (830) 773-2516.

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