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Court records are a good source for information about a persons criminal history. To gain access to these records you have to work within the restraints of laws meant to protect the privacy of the individuals involved. Texas adheres to these privacy laws. While searching for court records in Lampasas County, Texas can be challenging, there are legal avenues that lead to the court dockets that you want to find.

In general, there are two methods to find court records. The first is working with local officials like the county clerk and the county sheriff. Both can be contacted through the county courthouse. The Lampasas County courthouse is located at 409 S Pecan St., Lampasas, TX. The contact number is (512) 556-4909. You should call first to make an appointment. If the official is prepared to help you, then you have a better chance to find the records that you are looking for.

The other method is searching online. You can search online from your home, which is more convenient than making an appointment to visit the courthouse. One website you can try is the official website of Lampasas County, Texas. The official website is On the website, you can find a lot of information regarding Lampasas County that can help you. You can also try visiting the Lampasas County sheriffs website at Two other websites that you can visit are for county court dockets and for district court dockets.

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