How to Find Free Court Dockets and Records in Crockett County, Texas

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Crockett County took its name from a legendary frontiersman who was also known as the King of the Wild Frontier. It may be quite confusing because there is a city bearing the same name but is a part of another county in Texas. Luckily, its county seat was able to counteract this confusion by becoming the biggest little town in the world. This is just a sneak peek of what the county is all about.

For more interesting facts, you have to know how to find free court dockets and records concerning their people. This is a good way to understand their culture and adapt to their environment.

The person that you should go to is the clerk of court. Crockett County has one clerk managing the court files and those under the judicial district. You can ask him about any information that you want to know about.

The Crockett County clerk works at P.O. Box C, Ozona, TX, 76943. This is the same address that you can use for airmail. You can phone the clerks office at 325-392-2022, send a fax to 325-392-3742, and email them at [email protected].

Even so, there may be a case that the clerk could not find any relevant information. He will then refer you to a courthouse where you can look for court records. Crockett County courthouses are all located around the main city. You can phone the district court at 325-392-5225. You can call the constitutional court at 325-392-2965, and fax them at 325-392-2391.

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