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Court dockets are detailed transcriptions of court proceedings. Since these files include sensitive matters regarding a person, the United States does not allow an online record of court dockets in Hartley County.

The only way you can acquire them is by consulting the courthouses in Hartley County. The courthouses hold all the records in Hartley in secrecy and you can only obtain them if you have the permission from the judge and the county clerk. The district and constitutional courts in Hartley have the same address and contact numbers. They are located at 900 Main Street, P.O. Box Q, Channing, Texas. The phone number is (806) 235-3582, while the fax number is (806) 235-2316. You can also go to the justice of the peace court at 701 Texas Boulevard, Dalhart, Texas. They can be called at (806) 244-2939 and faxed at (806) 244-2299. The fourth courthouse is Channing Municipal Court, which can be mailed at P.O. Box 34, Channing, Texas. They can be reached at (806) 235-3106. The county clerk can guide you in contacting these courthouses. You can visit him or her at 9th and Railroad, Channing, Texas, or call (806) 235-3582.

You can visit one of the thirteen libraries to find the court dockets. You can go to the official website to learn about the different libraries. The main public library is Dallam-Hartley County Library, which is located at 420 Denrock Avenue, Dalhart, Texas. You can call them at (806) 244-2761 to find out their library hours.

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