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Hill County in Texas has court records that consist of anything that takes place during court proceedings. Since court files are private and sensitive, online copies of the documents are not allowed by law in the United States. If you ever need court dockets about a certain person, you should follow the legal process.

One of the best ways of looking for court proceedings is by going to Hill Countys official website. Their website contains details about the courthouses and other resources for court documents. The official website is www.co.hill.tx.us. As for the courthouses in Hill County, there are plenty of them. To name a few, here are their addresses and contact details:

Hill County Constitutional Court

P.O. Box 457, Hillsboro, TX 76645

Phone: (254) 582-4020 Fax: (254) 582-4028

Hill County 66th District Court

P.O. Box 634, Hillsboro, TX 76645

Phone: (254) 582-4042 Fax: (254) 582-4035

Hill County – County Court at Law

P.O. Box 874, Hillsboro, TX 76645

Phone: (254) 582-4068 Fax: (254) 582-4071

The county clerk is also available to help you with your search. You can mail this person at P.O. Box 398, Hillsboro. The contact number is (254) 582-4030 and the fax number is (254) 582-4003.

If all of the above sources dont have the court records youre looking for, you can visit the public libraries in Hill County. Hillsboro City Library is located at 118 South Waco Street, Hillsboro, Texas, and their phone number is (254) 582-7385. Another public library is Lake Whitney Library located at 106 North Colorado, Whitney, Texas. Their phone number is (254) 694-4639.

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