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Hemphill County is one of the counties in Texas that does not allow the release of court files through the internet. The only information you can find on the internet is where you can go to retrieve court files, such as the courthouses.

There are two courthouses in Hemphill County. The first one is located at 400 East Main Street, Canadian, Texas. You can contact this courthouse by calling them at (806) 323-6212. The other courthouse is Sabine county courthouse. Its address is at Main Street & Texas Street N, Hemphill, Texas. For details on their office hours and court files, you can call them at (407) 787-3786.

The official website of Hemphill County is also another source of information about where to get court files. You can find the courthouses addresses and contact details there. Simply browse www.co.hemphill.tx.us. When you have decided to visit either of the two courthouses, you can mail the county clerk at P.O. Box 867, Canadian, Texas, or call him at (806) 323-6212. You can also send a fax to the county clerk at (806) 323-9745. The county clerk is responsible for keeping and organizing public and court records, so he or she is the right person to consult.

The last place you can visit as a reliable source of court documents is Hemphill County Library. Find out about its open hours by calling the library at (806) 323-5282. The address of the library is as follows:

Hemphill County Library

500 Main St

Canadian, Texas

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