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Wilbarger County is one of the counties in Texas having a non-violent history. You can find little information about this place. The countys anonymity resulted in suspicions whether someone you just met is worthy enough to be trusted. This is where court records come into play. You just go to the courthouse and ask the clerk to help you investigate about someone.

This city is known as the hometown of remarkable musicians Roy Orbison, Jack Teagarden, Jerry Haymes and Eck Robertson. Cathay Pacifics co-founder, Roy Farell, is also a resident of Vernon City.

For your information, Wilbarger County has four courthouses that are located along Wilbarger Street in Vernon City. You can reach Wilbarger County courthouses using the details below:

District Court (Room 33)

Phone: 940-553-3411 Fax: 940-553-2316

Constitutional Court (Room 12)

Phone: 940-553-2300 Fax: 940-553-1766

Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 (Room 25)

Phone: 940-553-2306 Fax: 940-553-2328

Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 (Room 22)

Phone: 940-553-2307 Fax: 940-553-3321

Municipal Court (Main Street, Vernon)

Phone: 940-552-2058 Fax: 940-553-1139

If you want to talk to a Wilbarger County clerk, use the following details:

County Clerk

Phone: (940) 552-5486 Fax: (940) 553-2320

Email: [email protected]

District Clerk

Phone: (940) 553-3411 Fax: (940) 553-2316

Email:[email protected]

Chief Appraiser

Phone: 940-553-1857 Fax:940-552-9541

Email:[email protected]

Both clerks and the chief appraiser facilitate officially recognized transactions. They can locate specific information without delay. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, visit the Texas State Law Library at Room G01 of the Clark Building. This building is located on 14th Street in Austin.

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