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The internet is often the best source for files and certain information. However, when it comes to court documents, some counties, such as Dimmit County in Texas, do not have an online database of their records. Instead, you will need to go to their official website to find out more details regarding possible sources of dockets.

You may check with the county through their official website. Dimmit County’s official website is http://www.dimmitcountytexas.us/. On their website, you will see more resources to help you find legal dockets. For example, their website provides the addresses of the courthouses found in their county. Their district courts are located at 103rd North Fifth Street, Carrizo Springs, Texas. It can be reached at (830) 876-4243 and faxed at (830) 876-4200. Dimmit Constitutional Court also has the same address, but you can only contact them by phone at (830) 876-2323.

The Municipal Court in Dimmit County is Carrizo Springs, and you can mail them at .P.O. Box 329, Carrizo Springs, Texas. You can call them at (830) 876-2476. You can visit any of these courthouses, but it will be a lot easier for you to find your files if you ask for assistance from the county clerk. Their office is also located at 103 North 5th Street, Carrizo Springs, Texas. You can contact them by phone at (983) 876-4238 or by fax at (830) 876-4205.

If the above options seem unhelpful, your last resort is to visit Dimmit County Public Library. It is located at 200 North 9th Street, Carrizo Springs, Texas.

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