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With only three cities, Cochran County has few courthouse divisions and branches. This article will go through each and every courthouse to show you where to can get free court dockets and records for free.

The district court and constitutional court are in the same area. You can find them in Room 102 at 100 North Main Street, Morton, Texas 79346. You can call them at 806-266-5450 or fax to 806-266-9027. There is only one elected official working as the county and district clerk. Her office is established here as well. You can send a message to her using the same contact numbers or email her at [email protected].

The Justice of the Peace Court in Room B-4 at the same address. You can call them at 806-266-5302 or fax to 806-266-5629.

The municipal court is at 201 East Wilson Avenue, Morton, TX 79346. Their number is 806-266-8850. A second municipal court branch can be contacted at P.O. Box 248, Whiteface, TX 79379. Their number is 806-287-1111.

Another elected official that you can go to is the chief appraiser. His office is at 109 SE First Street, Morton. You can reach the chief appraiser at 806-266-5584, fax to 806-266-5737, or email at [email protected].

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